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AgileLaw the latest version app review
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This deposition app will free you from ever printing another document exhibit again. Install this app on your iPad, hand the iPad to the deponent, and navigate through the deposition without ever using a printed exhibit again. TO DEMO (does not require an account) * Use the PIN "000-000-000" and you will automatically join an in-progress deposition where you can view exhibits that have already been revealed and marked with an exhibit number NOTE: To use in a real deposition, you will need to create an account at www.agilelaw.com. QUICK SUMMARY * Join an in-progress deposition as a witness or participant in order to see revealed exhibits * Navigate between documents and pages just as if the lead counsel had handed you a paper copy of each exhibit * Automatically receive a PDF copy of all exhibits when the deposition has concluded AS A WITNESS * View the specific page that the lead counsel identifies or scroll through the entire document on your own * Make annotations as requested by the lead counsel AS A PARTICIPANT * Automatically see the page that the witness is viewing with the touch of a button AS A LEAD COUNSEL (requires an account) * Upload, organize, and annotate all document exhibits you plan to use during the deposition * Assign roles to each participant as they join the deposition * Reveal documents in real time * Direct the witness to a specific document/page with the click of a button * Blank the witness screen to have them focus on the current line of questioning * Add an exhibit sticker to each document during the deposition

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AgileLawthe latest version app review
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