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SHAREit - Connect & Transfer review

SHAREit - Connect & Transfer the latest version app review
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The SHAREit – Connect and Transfer app allows users to transfer pictures, videos and files at lightning speed between devices for ease of sharing between friends, family, co-workers or classmates. The app makes sending anything from your device to another user’s device much quicker than using Bluetooth, and unlike other file sharing platforms, it doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection to transfer.

The app also allows you to transfer to any user whether they’re using a Windows Computer/Laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android, regardless of what device the sender is using at the time. The app even allows for the mass transfer of files to a group of users quickly and simultaneously. Not only can you share a variety of files, but you can also transfer entire apps and other large files you have stored on your device, such as your contact list or address book.

Installation is simple, both users just need to get the app and the sender needs to be using the device that has the files they intend to transfer. The app doesn’t use cloud storage to send files, and you can even use a feature that can clone any device, in order to send all of its files or information to a receiving device.

The CLONEit service, which is part of the app, also makes transferring data, images, files, contacts, apps and music from an old phone to a new one a breeze. Rather than using a USB cord for an insecure and slow connection, or waiting for Bluetooth’s mediocre transfer speed, the SHAREit app makes sending and receiving relatively simple and incredibly fast.

Security is another key factor of the SHAREit – Connect & Transfer app, in that it has integrated encryption tools to ensure the privacy of your file sharing is maintained. Unlike Bluetooth and USB connected file transfers which are vulnerable to hackers and malicious data, the SHAREit app provides peace of mind against privacy concerns.

The app is also relatively easy to use for those with adequate tech knowledge, but some less tech savvy users may have difficulty troubleshooting connection problems or crashes. Also, having to reconnect after each transfer can get frustrating, but it’s ultimately a small price to pay for being able to transfer files via a non-WiFi connected channel while conserving your data.

The Bottom Line

The SHAREit – Connect & Transfer App makes sending files and media a super-fast experience compared to other file sharing platforms. The fact that it works without a WiFi connection is a welcome benefit of geting the app, and the capability of transferring to different operating systems is a breath of fresh air. Despite its rapid file sharing capabilities, the app can still have its share of crashes and isn’t always the most user-friendly for non-technical users.


  • File transfer speed 200 times faster than Bluetooth
  • Doesn’t require a WiFi connection
  • Can transfer to and from almost any operating system
  • Encryption tools integrated to protect privacy


  • Sometimes prone to crashing/connection problems
  • Not so simple for non-tech savvy users
  • Have to reconnect after each file transfer

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