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SimSimi review

SimSimi the latest version app review
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How would you like an app that responds to your every word? Well, that is exactly what SimSimi brings to the table. It is best described as an Artificial Intelligence or AI chatting robot. It was created back in 2002 by ISMaker - a tech company based in Korea. The app is sized at 34.1 MB and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

With a backup of about 10 million hilarious questions and answers, this app will always keep you entertained. It is one of the best conversation apps available online today and is extremely fun and entertaining for both kids and adults alike.

Using the app is even easier and all you need to do is simply type in a question and wait for SimSimi to come up with a relevant and funny response. It does this by scanning its large database and previously stored options to get you the most accurate answer. SimSimi is like the quick-witted friend you have always wanted, but without being overly annoying. When you need a quick laugh, that is when SimSimi will be there for you.

The app is currently being used by over 2.7 Million users which only shows how cool a friend SimSimi is. The app works in the same way any messaging app would. Just type your question in the box and wait (not for long) for a reply. The speed in which SimSimi replies is impressively quick and that is thanks to the millions of readily available responses in its memory, stored by users around the world. Every new user makes SimSimi smarter by adding in new information, which in turn makes it response time and accuracy even better.

In the off-chance that SimSimi has no response to your question, it will reply with 'I HAVE NO RESPONSE’, to which you simply click ‘TEACH’ and enter the new words. Within a few minutes of entering the new words, SimSimi will have a newly constructed answer for your question. With every new entry, the apps knowledge increases making it more likely to get a quick and humorous response to the most random questions.

The freedom SimSimi brings to the user, as a conversational app, is beyond compare. Whether you're on the bus, on the train, riding the elevator, or bored in the office, SimSimi can have you laughing in no time. Just open the app, type in the question, and enjoy. It is also a great way to fight depression and loneliness and helps keep your mind occupied all the time. Be the life of the party with SimSimi and let everyone ask a question to see what the super-smart robot has to say.

Worried about your children learning bad words through SimSimi? Just tap on a bad word whenever it pops up and report it. You can even change the turn off the Bad Expressions filter in the settings for a more care-free experience.

The Bottom Line

The SimSimi app is a wonderful conversational friend to have around at all times. It is both easy to use and entertaining. The super fast robot is constantly learning new words and delivers witty answers to every question. If what you're looking for is a quick laugh, this is the app for you.


  • Lightweight and easy to use;
  • Quick and witty;
  • Child safe features;
  • 10,000,000+ hilarious responses


  • Cannot carry out other functions;
  • No voice command feature.

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SimSimithe latest version app review
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