'Death Stranding' by Hideo Kojima Surprising with PC Release and More

  • 29-10-2019 |
  • Lucas Thompson|
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While the long-awaited release of Death Stranding for Sony PlayStation 4 is near, Hideo Kojima has more to offer to fans. First of all, the PC release is already planned. Secondly, there will be other surprises. It’s good enough for the game that is considered a Game of the Year candidate in advance.

The Development Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over

Death Stranding game screenshot

We all know the cinematic approach by Hideo Kojima. When the game is released, it already has all it needs. It will rather get a sequel (like Metal Gear Solid V) than a DLC. Well, it seems that getting autonomous has changed Kojima’s view a bit. This time it’s been announced that the development is complete; but the game may be a living creature that grows and evolves, and it means new goodies for players after the release.

The game is scheduled for release on November 8, and it will be a full playable release. There isn’t the official trailer yet, though, and the gamer community is awaiting. There is a reason to wait for it: Kojima himself was involved in making the trailer, and it will be much longer than usual. He confirmed it in his Twitter. Given Kojima’s love for cinema, plus the great movie star cast, the trailer may become a true event in game advertising.

So, the day after tomorrow, we will see what the trailer looks like. There will be much more to the game; still, the trailer will deliver its most spectacular moments, being a piece of art in its own right. On Friday, there will be the first reviews by those lucky to play the prerelease version.

PC Release on the Way

It’s the first time we learn that Death Stranding won’t be a PlayStation exclusive forever (like it happened to, say, MGS 4). It’s official now that 505 Games studio is responsible for making the PC version. It will mostly mean porting of the ready PS4 version, though, as we have learned, there may be additions. The port is coming in summer 2020, though no release date is announced yet. 

The common idea about Death Stranding all this time has been that it would be a PS4 exclusive. Quite a lot of new buyers even purchase their consoles with Death Stranding in mind. Well, they will get the game at least six months earlier than PC players, and that may console them (pun unintended). There is also a special branded PS4 Pro release that includes a copy of the game and an orange DualShock.

On the other hand, Kojima himself mentioned that the game would be released for PC much earlier than that. It had happened even before Death Stranding name was articulated.

For the Biggest fans

More and more gamers are now good with just digital releases, but Kojima has something in store for those who want it physical and premium. The Collector’s Edition includes a BRIDGES cargo case, a full-size replica of the BB-Pod and a Ludens mini-figure. In addition, there is the aforementioned branded PS4 Pro. As for digital bonuses, it delivers ten exclusive avatars, a video from behind the scenes, and the soundtrack available separately.

Would you buy a console for just one game? Or will you rather wait for the PC release? Is it worth the wait? Share your thought s in the comments.