Old Microsoft OneNote Desktop App Revived with Dark Mode and More

  • 08-11-2019 |
  • Lucas Thompson|
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Despite being one of the best notetaking apps, Microsoft OneNote has a somehow strange history. For example, its app released in 2016 along with Microsoft Office suite, was said to be abandoned and no longer updated (though it kept functioning). In November 2019, though, Microsoft returns to it and adds some new abilities already introduced in other versions.

Some New Notes on Old OneNote

One Note

As Ben Hodes, the product manager responsible for OneNote, said at a Microsoft Ignite session, the old app is not completely replaced with its separate version that comes with Windows 10 now. There are still many users of it, and the app keeps attracting new users. But it lacked features recently received by other versions, and now the team works to merge the modern code into this app (considered now a legacy one).

There are some further plans. Office 365 subscribers will get the old-new app as a part of the suite they can download after subscribing. Still, the standalone app also remains available and functional. It will remain as an option for non-subscribers.

Get the Update

What does OneNote 2016 get in 2019? The most acclaimed (and advertised) feature is dark mode. OneNote for mobile devices already has it, so does its standalone version. But as for “office” app, its time has come only now. Many changes are enabled by Fluid Framework technology that allows for creating files combining multiple formats in one, so they can be opened with various apps.

In addition, it will support mentions when working in Microsoft Teams. Now you can mention any @member of the team like you do on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and they will get notified. There will also be search integration, so you won’t have to use the built-in search to find something within a note: a general search will be able to do as well.

Last but not least: OneNote will be integrated with To Do and Tasks, so you can make a reminder or a task out of a note. This will also cause some accessibility rework, but the result will be worth it.

What About The Feel?

Are you a OneNote user? Are you ready to switch to OneNote after this or not? Or do you still prefer Evernote or Google Keep? Tell us what you think of it in a comment.