Fortnite review


Fortnite review

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Fortnite is an online Royale Battle genre game which has migrated to iOS last March. It is extremely popular due to a number of reasons:

  • Catchy, cartoon-style visuals.
  • Bizarre sense of humor.
  • Royal Battle esthetics.
  • Dance moves that bring a fresh and spontaneous vibe into the game.
  • Zero price status.

According to the Battle Royale canons, inspired by the eponymous Japanese movie, up to 100 players parachute on a nameless, but enormous in size island, which includes 21 locations. As the time passes, the area of action shrinks, thus forcing the remaining players into an avoidable collision. And the last fighter standing will conquer the victory for their team. Fortnite Royale Battle however isn't just a flagrant, shameless slaughter-em-all game. On the contrary: it has a major strategic aspect in it that adds extra spice to the game. Along with med-kits, ammo, potions and other goodies scattered on the ground, you can also find building materials: Wood, Stone, Metal. By putting them together, you can architect strictures that will either guarantee you get an upper hand in tactics, or just erect yourself a temporary bullet-absorbing shield. Minecraft fans will probably rejoice over the fact that resource gathering is done with a pickaxe. Despite cartoon visuals, Fortnite can boast of rather sleek and smooth graphics & physics, backed up by satisfying animation and combat visual/sound effects. To bring more funny chaos and mayhem, the authors included dance emotes, which let you celebrate your victory with a couple of funky moves. Although dance fever can backfire on you, if you get hit by the boogie-woogie bomb, which forces your character into dancing against your will, making you an easy target. iOS version of Fortnite is almost identical to its desktop analogue. the only exception is that in mobile Fortnite only offers the Battle Royale mode. Save the World, the Floor is Lava, Sniping etc. are unavailable so far. The good thing about Fortnite's iOS/Android port  is that the game pairs mobile players only with other mobile players, thus excluding unfair advantage that PC/console players can abuse. At the same time if you choose to have a quick battle with your friends in Duo/Squad modes, then players from other platforms can join the session too. Cross-platform synchronization is marvelously implemented in Fortnite. You can play form your phone, Xbox or a Mac laptop and all of your progress, accomplishments, loot, skins and other stats/properties will be perfectly synced. Another praiseworthy feature presented in Fortnite for iOS is its footstep indicator, that monitors speed/intensity and direction of the footsteps near you. It's been added because not every player can afford the luxury of plugging their ears with earphones at any given moment.


The Bottom Line

Fortnite Battle Royale for iOS is an amazing mobile port of the epic game, designed by Epic games. It doesn't suffer from any obnoxious and extreme tech-performance hiccups, apart from those cause by the instable connectivity. It wisely pairs opponents, allows seamless synchronization and also lets you stay on top of your game. Even if you can't monitor what's going on around acoustically. Fortnite for iOS is an awe-inspiring gift for both Apple and Fortnite fans.


  • Smooth performance
  • Original gameplay kept intact
  • Clever pairing system
  • Cross-platform syncing
  • Free-to-play status


  • So far only one playable mode
  • Sensor display controls are tricky
  • Requires iOS 11 and at least iPhone SE
  • iPod Touch isn't supported
Fortnite Fortnite

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