Xender - File Transfer & Sharing review

Xender - File Transfer & Sharing

Xender - File Transfer & Sharing review

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The Xender- File Transfer & Sharing app boasts some of the fastest transfer and sharing speeds available in a comprehensive platform. Whether you’re sending photos or videos to friends and family or sharing documents and files to colleagues, Xender makes sharing content simple and super-fast! Unlike other platforms that require you to share from phone to phone, the Xender app allows you to share from phone to PC or PC to phone without having to worry about file transfer issues. The app also allows you to share files and other media between Android, iOS, and other devices for ease of sending in a simple few taps. There’s no need to rely on Bluetooth’s sluggish capabilities or draining your data just to send a few files or photos, when you get Xender you won’t be relying on a USB cord, internet connection or tapping into your precious data usage. The app is efficient at group sharing, so that you can transfer mass media files or documents with up to four user devices in seconds. No more waiting for video files to transfer to friends, when Xender makes sending high quality media lighting quick, no matter what devices they’re using. The app makes connecting phone to pc transfers simple and fast, without having to install any new software, and the fact that data isn’t needed to connect makes the app even more convenient. It also now supports 11 languages including English, German, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The newest features make this app a must-have for additions like the “Phone Replicate” feature, which makes changing phones less stressful, since you can back up all of your contents, data and contacts in just a few taps. The Xender- File Sharing and Transfer app is now integrated with Hungama technology, so that you can now listen to music, get audio files and share them in no time. The app supports many devices including iOS, Android, Tizen, PC, Mac, and Windows. Xender boasts 500 million current users worldwide, and speeds that exceed Bluetooth by 200 percent! The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for even the least tech-savvy user, and a simple swipe makes it easy to install, delete, view and share files with ease.

The Bottom Line

The Xender- File Transfer & Sharing app is an innovative full package when it comes to sharing files and media between friends, family, co-workers or classmates at impressive speeds. Transferring files without data use, internet connection, USB or software get, makes sharing even easier and more convenient. Regardless of device, or whether you’re transferring from phone to PC, the Xender- File Transfer & Sharing app by Beijing Anqi Zhilian Technology Co. Ltd., is a must-have on your device or PC.


  • Effortlessly connects from phone to PC and vice versa;
  • Supports many operating systems and platforms;
  • No limit to what files or content it can transfer;
  • 200 times faster transfers than Bluetooth;
  • No need for internet, data, or USB cords;
  • Integrated with Hungama for music get and sharing;
  • Ease of sharing between multiple platforms;
  • User-Friendly.


  • Can use up data quickly when not in offline mode;
  • Sometimes prone to glitches.

Xender - File Transfer & Sharing Xender - File Transfer & Sharing

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Xender - File Transfer & Sharing
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